About Our Master Gardener


Seedsherenow.com provides medical marijuana garden consultants. We build world-class medical marijuana gardens and hydro kits for patients, professional growers, caregivers and medical marijuana centers.

Services provided by Seedsherenow.com:

- Garden design (from concept to construction)
- Garden efficiency consults (bigger yields!)
- Garden maintenance (watering, feeding, potting, trimming, etc.)
- Setup of garden (lights, nutrients, hydroponics, ventilation, CO2, etc.)
- Disease issues (mold, powdery mildew, pythium wilt, root rot, etc.)
- Pest problems (spidermites, thrips, gnats, worms, etc.)
- Nutrient availability issues (lockout, toxic salt buildup, PH too low/high, etc.)
- Garden automation (automatic feeding, video surveillance, flood alarms, remote access)
- medical marijuana laws (understanding how they affect you as a business, caregiver or patient)
- Custom hydroponic kits made to your specs!

* If you have a problem, Seedsherenow.com professionals can fix it! Or we can tell you how to fix it!

We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. We can point you in the right direction though, and tell you if you are in compliance with current regulations and laws to the best of our knowledge. For true legal advice, you should always contact a good lawyer.

Seedsherenow.com Gardeners and its affiliates comply with all applicable state laws. We can only offer consult work for marijuana related gardens for medical patients, caregivers or dispensary owners, as well as their employees with appropriate paperwork provided.

We do, however, build gardens for other purposes as well, such as tomatoes, basil, peppers and cucumbers to name a few and many of these gardens can go from producing tomatoes to medical marijuana to basil. If this might happen in your garden, this paragraph pertains to you as well.

If tomatoes and other vegetables, spices, and such is what your garden will be used for and only be used for we will be more than happy to assist you in these endeavors and none of this applies to you.

If you contact Seedsherenow.com and have questions related to marijuana on the other hand you are consenting to the fact that you and your garden are and will continue to be fully compliant with all rules and regulations regarding marijuana, and no information given by Seedsherenow.com or their employees or affiliates will be used in a way not compliant with the current laws in your respective location/locations.

Seedsherenow.com assumes no responsibility for the actions of our clients. We offer consult work on legal gardens and legal gardens only.

All Items are Sold As Souvenirs Only - Do not get them wet or dirty. Please follow all legal laws wherever you may be. We will not be held responsible for you not looking into your State's local laws.