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Methods of Payment.

To use a credit card - choose the credit card option just above the option for a money order. This will open up a new option of choosing a credit card. Please read what is in that box before continuing to order. If you don't preauthorize and keep running your card - and having it declined - we get charged and you will get locked out of the system for 24 hours by the processor for 'too many attempts'. 

We accept VISA and MASTER CARD*, as well as, CERTIFIED CHECKS*** or Money Orders. Please Leave the Money Order Pay To Area Blank or, if you feel more comfortable, make it out to SS MANAGEMENT. Once we receive the payment in US dollars, we will check that the payable amount is correct before processing the order. To ensure that your product is held until we receive your payment PLEASE Email us your Order Number and your Tracking Number (for the payment your mailing us) at [email protected]


*Additionally, our credit card processor is off-shore (non USA) and you MAY need to pre-authorize your card for an international payment regardless of what region or country you live in. To do so just contact your bank or card company and explain you wish to make an international transaction in the next 24 hours - they will do the rest! Your bank may also charge you a fee for an internatinal transaction. You should receive an email from the processor when your payment is approved. Sometimes they end up in SPAM so watch carefully. 


*** A certified check is different than a personal check. A certified check is guaranteed by the bank of origin. Please see your local banker for more information. 


We DO NOT do phone orders

We DO NOT accept wired funds (Western Union, for example)

We CANNOT convert a money order to a credit card. 

We DO NOT accept Paypal.

We DO NOT accept some pre-paid cards - if they cannot be used internationally (non-USA) then the processor may not accept them. We cannot override their decision. 

Send Cash and Money orders to: 

SS Management

2728 W Main St, Suite 106

Medford, OR 97501


This is NOT our Secret Headquarters - this is a secure mail and parcel delivery center





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