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I made or received my order but changed my mind - can I get a refund?

No, while we do wish to offer 100% Satisfaction we do not offer refunds for returned stock or erroneous orders.  This is because of our Satisfaction Guarantee - we would not resell an item that had been previously shipped out -  we don't know what may have happened to it since leaving us.  

If you placed or received an order and changed your mind we will not refund it. If you have an error on your order we will TRY to work with you BUT we send orders out very quickly and we can't always catch them before they go out for delivery. We will ONLY refund a credit card order if WE, or the credit card processor, have caused a situation. 

Additionally, we cannot edit credit card orders. Look over your order carefully BEFORE buying because once you finish the order - it's yours. 

If you have chosen to make several orders and have decided you want them combined-- our processor does not allow partial refunds for multiple delivery costs. Again, please make sure that the order you are placing is correct and how you wish to receive it. If you wish to combine several orders after the fact, we can try to combine the orders so that they are contained within a single box and you will only receive (1) tracking. Those invoices are combined physically in house and you will not see a change on the invoices themselves. If you wish to combine the orders, please let us know immediately-- we move very quickly. Thank you.



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