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SOUR LARRY LIME PEBBLES #9 - ThunderfudgeGenetics - 02-21-2019

Sour larry lime pebbles #9
7.5-9 weeks
medium yield 
open structured bush

SLLP in the 2nd generation cross of key lime pie x sour larry pebbles.The #9 leans forward the key lime pie side more than the SLP dom #4.These have alot of color and ha e the potential to be taken as early as 50 days.Topping early will encourage a wide open structured bush.Stretch ranges from 50% to 200, there are some stretchers and runts..very easy to grow.terpene profile ranges from eucalyptus,grape,lime,vanilla,and cereal


RE: SOUR LARRY LIME PEBBLES #9 - Jamez Bean - 02-23-2019

Nice work man. Your Sour Larry is the shit. Id love to get the backstory on it

RE: SOUR LARRY LIME PEBBLES #9 - ThunderfudgeGenetics - 02-23-2019

Sour Larry-from Elite genetics is Larry OG x Rez Sout D ibl and is the precursor to the infamous Lemon Larry,Super Sour Deez, and Ultimate Chem 08,which were all crazy fire and very rare.
I became extremely infatuated with it after coming online in 2010-2011 and missing alot of the great gear put out in the early/mid 2000s: the OGKs, the chems,and sours primarily.
I got to sink my teeth into elites ultimate chem 08,which was one of 3 "ultimate chem" offerings.the ultimate chem was chem 91(most likely loompa s1 cut) x chem d bx, so the 08 was the ult chem x sour larry.
After holding 3 08 f1 males and 2 females I really liked for quite some time a Sour Larry cut from the same stock used in the ultimate chem 08 cross was made available.i hit 2 birds with 1 stone and f2ed the UC08 and Sour Larry BX1 at the same time.
I've since made bx2s and bx2f2s which you should see soon along with some new Sour Larry BX2 outcrosses.
Chem D x Sour Larry BX2
Zkittlez x Sour Larry BX2
(Lemon skunk x kosher) x Sour Larry BX2
maybe a few more forward the end of the year,but this is what's in testing at the moment

RE: SOUR LARRY LIME PEBBLES #9 - Xochipilli - 02-25-2019

that looks killer Smile