Buy (4) full* packs from any breeder,
Get one (5) pack of G. Glue AUTO FEM from Fast Buds!*
*(Packs of 5 seeds or more) (Limit (1) per order)


– Exotic Genetix –
Each Exotic order containing any Cookies & Cream IX3 strains will include freebie Dilly Bar seeds while supplies last!*

– Dirty Water Organics –
Buy any pack from Dirty Water Organics, get a free (10) pack of either: Mass Chem Goji, Bright Star, Tahoe Kookie Star, OR Mythical Dog F2!*

– Dj Short –
Every full (13) pack of Seven of Nine comes with a (5) pack of Sweet Pink by Second Generation Genetics*

– Crockett Family Farms –
Buy any (2) full packs, Get one FEM (6) pk of:
Johnny Chimpo Fem, Snow Cone Fem, OR Swiss Miss Fem!*

– Ethos Genetics –
Buy any full pack from Ethos, get a free gift from Ethos Genetics!*
(Distributions choice)

– Solfire Genetics –
Each order will receive one (6) pack REG. of
Jersey Sherb (Sherb x The Don Mega)!*

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