2nd Generation, passionate grower, who got into breeding to make the strains I wanted to grow and smoke. Been at it since 2006, seriously. Winner of 11 high times cannabis cups, and a 3rd place in the 1st Adam Dunn Show Invitational. All my cuts are verified, grown, and meticulously selected. It’s my honor to make seeds for the cannabis community.
To me making music and breeding are similar. And i use the same principals in my work, mixing tastes, smells, feelings, and growth patterns together is like creating a symphony, or writing a song.

I Ix High Times Cannabis cup winner
3rd place Adam Dunn Show invitational winner, with Sour OG
2016 High Times top 10 strains of the year, with CATFISH
2017 High Times best tasting buds on Earth, with Sunshine #4


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