Dominion Seed Company – 187 Feminized


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Dominion Seed Company – 187

88 G13 Hashplant P1 X Cinderella 99 “donor”

Flower Cycle: 58-65 Days

Yield: Medium – Medium High

7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Morphology – 187 plants form well-structured tight noded bushes. 1:1 to 1.5:1 stretch ratio in flower across two main phenotypes. The smaller tighter pheno is more Cinderella dominant and tends to finish earlier. The other pheno leans toward the 88 G13 Hashplant mother. Both phenos typically turn purple later in flower. Smell and flavor range from grape pineapple mango combo to funky grape lucky charms.

How Does It Smoke – 187 has a fast onset straight to the head then the creeping euphoria spreads over the body giving a relaxed but not overly narcotic feeling.

Growing Notes – I recommend super cropping plants to create a bush canopy with the center cola being dominant by 6-12″ over the rest. Strip the lower 1/3 of plant the week prior to flower. Continue defoliation as needed in early flower. Plants grow great with a moderate feeding regimen. Go easy on supplementing humic acid.

Pest Resistance – 7/10

Mildew Resistance – 8/10

Stress Notes – Plants did not exhibit hermaphroditic traits with light leaks, over watering and under watering. Some hermaphroditic traits were seen if overfed and from under pruning around day 49 of flower.