Dominion Seed Company – Mountain Berry Feminized


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Dominion Seed Company – Mountain Berry

Sagarmatha Bubble Berry x Cinderella 99 female donor

Flower Cycle: 63-69 Days

Yield: Above Average

7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Morphology: Grows as nice Xmas tree shaped plants with no intervention. They stretch to double in flower. During flower they will bush out and thicken up. Flowers have good caylx to leaf ratio and produce steady resin throughout their cycle. Median to average feeding regime. C99 dominant pheneos tend to have average yields while the Bubbleberry dominant and blend phenos have a high yield. Structurally you will see two phenos, a shorter compact plant or a large version. Both have the same stretch ratio and only vary in smell/flavor and floral development.

How does it smoke: A perfect blend of mind and body. Very euphoric and relaxing yet motivational. Relaxing and provides a strong anti-anxiety buzz. Tastes of hashy fruit. Musty over ripe fruit in most phenos. Some phenos have more spice and even a rich syrup/spice. Flowers are not overly dense and makes for the perfect burn.

Growing notes: Not picky plants and nothing fancy needed. You may need to supplement calcium and nitrogen during late veg and heavier calcium during flower depending on your regime. Grow a dominant cola with super cropping or a multi-top bush. Both shapes will do great depending on your space.

Stretch Ratio: 1:1
Pest Resistance: 4/10
Mildew Resistance: 7/10
Stress Resistance Notes: No intersex traits noted in testing. Low pest resistance.