Dominion Seed Company – 6 Mill


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Dominion Seed Company – 6 Mill

(Local H x Screaming Eagle)

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Flowering Time- 60-68 Days

Morphology- In veg plants will grow as nice bushes that are somewhat tight. When the flowering cycle begins they will stretch substantially and fill in bud sites in that time. Stretch ratio on average was around 3:1 to 4:1 but productive in flower development. They will have early onset resin production and it will continue to pack on till week 7 quite heavily. Gassy sour and grapefruit with skunky undertones dominate the smell across the spectrum. Extremely stinky plants.

How does it smoke- Fast hitting with a nice creeper effect that follows. Long lasting stone that is super strong in mind and body. Flavor stays in the realm of the smells; sour grapefruit and chem funk.

Growing notes- Single cola super cropped or multi headed bush in a scrog would be ideal. One can take advantage of the stretch and shape just prior to inducing flower and let it stretch into the final form. Feeding should go low and slow with the exception of week 2 as we like to feed them a nice pk boost to help bud set. One can foliar feed during the stretch to tighten them up further. Week 5/6/7 a nice mag boost with a slight sulfur feed will benefit the grower. Peak harvest window noted for us was with gland heads milky with little to no amber.

Yield- medium to medium high

Pest resistance- 5/10

Stress Notes- Do not supplement humic acid or feed heavily. Rare results but some phenotypes will produce a few hermaphroditic flowers.