Dominion Seed Company – FreeBird


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Dominion Seed Company – FreeBird

Headband x Screaming Eagle

Flower Cycle: 60-68 Days

Yield: Heavy

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology- Strong vertically branching plants that can stretch 3-4 times their veg height with nice secondary branching and bud site stacking in stretch. Flowers get very thick and dense. Resin is productive in development and steady through the entire cycle after flower set. Cash croppers will really love this and trimmers will enjoy the high calyx to leaf ratio. Flowers reek of tennis ball rubber and burnt grapefruit with hints of lemon candy that fade in and out.

How Does It Smoke- Really fast onset right behind the eyes in the forehead and relaxing in the body. Confusing forgetful high that’s long lasting. Burnt grapefruit rubber diesel flavor.

Growing Notes- Multi headed bush and great in a scrog set up. Feed them low and slow with a little boost around day 14 to get them stacking a little tighter. You can also foliar feed between 10-21 to keep tighter nodes. Week 6/7 of flower give a pk and mag boost.

Pest Resistance- 8/10

Mold Resistance- 4/10

Mildew Resistance- 7/10

Stress Notes- No intersex traits noted. However, due to thickness of flowers outdoor growers may see bud rot if rain ruins your good time. If over-watered in late bloom your good time will be ruined as well.