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Dominion Seed Company – Munson

NL5 x Dominion Skunk

Flower Cycle: 60-68 Days

Yield: Above Average

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology- Plants grow into nice xmas tree shapes. Two main phenotypes are generally seen. One tall that’s most common. The other pheno is very NL dominant, a tight noded squat plant with very dark glossy green leaves. The standard pheno will stretch 1:1 to 1.25:1 and the squat pheno about .50:1 to .75:1. The common phenos are reminiscent of Chemdog/NL and Shiva Skunk in floral structure, smell and overall look. Chem and skunk funk with oil rag and pine undertones on the nose with the common phenos. The short girls are straight gas and kush/oil rag with a Skunk OG undertone. Tall phenos have an excellent calyx to leaf ratio, the shorties are good but slightly more leaf. Nothing to turn your nose up at, unless it’s too stinky. Good strong vertical branching holds up the thick flowers with no floppiness.

How Does It Smoke- Very potent long lasting high that’s balanced in the head and the body. The flavor is on point with the funk. It primarily has the Chemdog with a sour skunk undertone that is good on the inhale and tastes great on the exhale with a long linger. Certain phenos exhibit the incense trait when burned. Really lights up the room.

Growing Notes- Depending on the pheno selection, the tall pheno will be better suited for any style. Multi headed dominant cola in bushes or scrog. Short will require more veg time and we recommend super cropping into a large bush that is well shaped prior to inducing flower. They like a median feed regimen and a slight bit more calcium in weeks 1-4 and a mag boost in weeks 5-7.

Pest Resistance- 4/10

Mold/Mildew Resistance- 8/10

Stress Notes- Overfeeding will diminish final product and yields will suffer.