Duke Diamond’s Vault – Gooey x Afghani


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Gooey x Afghani

Flower Cycle: 60-70 days

10+ regular seeds per pack

The idea here was to make certain clone only varieties are suitable for outdoor and indoor production using an Afghani to strengthen branching and add pest/mold/mildew resistance in addition to a faster flowering time. Phenotype expression show a typical 1-3-1 ratio; a mother dominant, 3 blend of the two parents, and a father dominant. In this case, I was trying to make my own take on the Afgooey. Tight nodes, high yielding, grease coated buds that range from pineapple hash to a very sweet candied pine cone funk. The flavor would best be described as a hashy, creamy taste. The potency of the Sativa and Indica combo turned out really good, with a long lasting head thumper and a very anti-anxiety relaxation in the body.