Green Fire Genetics – Horchataz


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Green Fire Genetics – Horchataz

(Horchataz is a hybrid cross of a select pheno of the Lemonade Gelato)

(Gelato #33 aka Larry Bird) x (91′ Hollywood Pure Kush) x (ZOZ BX Zkittlez)

12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

The mother had a longer structure with further spread internodes with deep purple chunky buds, that reek of gelato and sweet lemonade! Hit with our select male of Frosted Punch aka: Purple Punch x Frosted Lemonade. This male was selected for its high resin production, sweet grape smell and stout structure. Progeny is a perfect split between both parents,  phenos vary from sweet lemonade gelato to a creamy sweet cinnamon sandalwood gas.