Green Team Genetics – Circus Peanuts


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Green Team Genetics – Circus Peanuts

Cocoa Lemon (Cerberus cut) x Cookie Pebbles

Flower Cycle: 70-84 Days

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Circus Peanuts is a cross made using a freebie i made over 5 years ago – the Cocoa Lemon as the mother. The Cocoa Lemon was made using Eskobars Chocolate Rain & ndnguys G13 Hashplant. The pheno of Cocoa Lemon we used in the Circus Peanuts was selected by my buddy Cerberus. A beast of a plant whose aromas can be best described as a sweeter Chocolope with faint ripe banana and floral citrus smells. The Circus Peanuts will have very similar aromas but with added creamy doughy fruit cereal which makes for a unique tasting strain that is reminiscent of those orange colored banana flavored circus peanut candies.