Riot Seeds – Headband Zkittlez

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Riot Seeds – Headband Zkittlez

Headband x Dying Breed Zcube (Zkittlez BX3)

Flower Cycle: 63-77 days

Yield: Average

10 regular seeds per pack

This cut is what is commonly accepted to be the Headband cut with the most provenance. She grows a lot like a less lanky Chem91, lots of beautiful Original Diesel type colas with knockout potency.  Not a ton of leaf resin, but the bud resin is out of sight. Extremely narcotic with a complex high, she screams fuel and funk.  We used out Zcube male we found in Dying Breeds Zkittlez BX3 line – he leans more towards what would be similar to an old Hindu Kush type plant, funky armpit attributes with tons of leaf resin and dense nuggetry.  He is quite a leap from the Zkittlez clone only that is citrus and boofy looking.  This is a power couple.