Riot Seeds – Switchblade Zkittlez

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Riot Seeds – Switchblade Zkittlez

Strawberry Switchblade x Dying Breed Zcube (Zkittlez BX3)

Flower Cycle: 56-70 days

Yield: Above average

10 regular seeds per pack

Strawberry Switchblade has changed the Strawberry terp game permanently.  Cough What?  That was made possible by CBF’s work with Strawberry Creme.  Shes the secret sauce behind all of my strawberry work, and strawberry switchblade is the pinnacle of it.  The Zcube turned up the resin production and potency leaving jaws dropped and drooling.  If you’re a terp hunter with a strawberry dream, the Switchblade Zkittlez will soothe your soul.