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One pack of each of the following 2 strains totaling 26 seeds


Dominion Seed Company – Burnout Chem

Chemdog D x Dominion Skunk

Flowering Time: 60-68 Days

Yield: Medium – Medium High

Morphology – Plants grow laterally and vertically equally during bloom making nice manageable bushes. They tend to double in size give or take. Stacking up nicely with fairly tight nodes with bio mass production early and gland production that slowly catches up. When mass production slows the glands frost out. Flowers smell like burnouts at the race track, hot burnt rubber with a touch of asphalt.

How Does It Smoke – Very thick smoke with good chem and ghani hash flavor. Strong hitting right to the forehead and behind the eyes. Flat out stoned red-eyed blistered feeling. Great if you don’t want to think too much.

Growing Notes – Shape large bushes and defoliate inward facing fan leaves prior to bloom along with the lower third. Feed a median feed throughout with a good PK boost in week 4/5/6.  Supplement calcium weeks 1-4 and magnesium and sulfur weeks 5/6/7. This will get you the stankiest of stank and buds will fill in nice and proper.

Pest Resistance- 8/10
Mold Resistance 8/10
Mildew Resistance- 6/10
Stress Resistance Notes- Over feeding will result in diminished yields and quality. May cause some hermaphroditic flowers in late bloom in extreme cases.


Dominion Seed Company – Polecat 91 BX

“Chemdog91 x SSSC Skunk 1” x (“Chemdog91 x SSSC Skunk 1” x “Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk 1”)

Flower Cycle: 58-65 Days

Yield: Above Average

Morphology – Plants grow into nice X-mas tree shapes with strong lateral branching. They stretch about double in flower and stay pretty compact with some internode evenly placed spacing. Flowers are tight but not overly dense. Resin profile is intermediate tacky greasy and does very well on the rosin press and with dry sieve tech. Terpene profile makes a nice rubber/garlic and chem blend. Depending on the phenotype the smell can lean one way or the other and personal favorites are the even blend of the two.

How Does It Smoke- Slightly sour and chem on the flavor and burnt rubber incense funk wen burned. Hits you in the chest and would be a creeper as far as onset is concerned. Nice blend of body and mind, happy almost upbeat buzz with a nice relaxed body high.

Growing Notes- Can shape however you like, we prefer super cropped bush with a dominant cola but will also perform well as a multi cola scrog style plant. Having too much nitrogen present in flower will lead to an overly leafy flower. This is something to keep an eye on. Feeds that stay on the median to low side will do the best. Supplementing sulfur either pure or via epsom salt in weeks 5/6/7 will benefit the terpene development and will take the terpene profile to potential.

Pest Resistance – 7/10

Mold Resistance – 8/10

Mildew Resistance – 5/10

Stress Notes – Overfeeding and excess nitrogen in flower will lead to undesirable results and possible hermaphrodites showing later in flower.