Serious Seeds – Chronic


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Serious Seeds – Chronic

Northern Lights,Skunk x Northern Lights, AK-47


THC: 18-20%

Flower Cycle: 56-63 Days

Yield: Above Average

11 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Our most commercial variety, this medium height, not too dense plant is the perfect combination of very good yield and excellent quality. Smokers who know and grow choose this plant for its combination of appearance and sweet smell. With its Indica background, Chronic can produce up to 600 g/m² without losing that connoisseur feeling. Grows a single huge central bud with few side branches. Topping of plants to encourage multiple big side buds is possible, but the total yield can be a little less. A sweet smell develops while flowering and this aroma will be maintained in the finished weed, if its is dried well before packaging. Packaging it before it is thoroughly dry will destroy the subtle fragrance forever, making it a mediocre weed. Of all our strains, this is the best choice for growers tired of losing quality when increasing yield. Winner of the 3rd price High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994, improved in 2000. 1st prize Highlife Cup Spain 2004 (by Mundo Ganja, Alicante). 2nd prize Highlife Cup Spain 2004, category: Hydroponic (by Perenne Grow, Barcelona). Last award won by Chronic: 2nd prize El Punto Cup 2005, category: Outdoor, Malaga Spain.