Karma Genetics – Ghostrider OG


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Karma Genetics – Ghostrider OG

The White (Krome Cut) x Biker Kush V1

Indica Dominant

Flower Cycle: 63-77 days

12 regular seeds per pack

We crossed the Krome cut of The White with our legendary Biker Kush V1 to create Ghostrider OG – an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis with superb resin production and exquisite flavours. When we grew the Ghostrider OG out in our legal test environment we were staggered by the results: medium sized plants with a stocky stature that yielded golf ball sized nugs of dense bud with a thick blanket of crystalline trichomes. Staking is not as essential as with other OG strains, however some support may be needed. Flavours reflect the very best of both parent strains – you get the pinesol and citrus from the