DJ Short Seeds – Flo

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DJ Short Seeds – Flo

(Purple Thai x Afgani Indica)

Sativa: 60%/40%

Flower Cycle: 62 Days

THC: 18-22%

Yield: Average

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

DJ Short Flo is a sativa/indica cross (approx. 60% sativa/40% indica) with largely sativa characteristics in the finished product. Yes, the indica genetics ensure it matures very quickly. The large, tight, spear-shaped buds are made up of small, densely packed calyxes. The plants are taller and like to branch out making them ideal for “training”, i.e. tying back or bending over. Indoors, the plants are fully mature by week seven of the flowering cycle. Outdoors, under optimum conditions, the plant is a super-producer capable of being multi-harvested over a period of time.