Homegrown Natural Wonders – Harly Kush


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Homegrown Natural Wonders – Harley Kush

Sweet Irish Kush x Harly Tsu

Sativa 70/30

Flower Cycle: 56-70 days

Yield: Above average

5 regular seeds per pack

The Harly Kush is a cross of our Sweet Irish Kush with Harly Tsu. Sweet Irish Kush is mom to our Quantum Kush and Mickey Kush and has proven to be a fantastic mom. The Harly Tsu male is from OG Ringos farm. So far we are seeing solid 2:1 (CBD:THC) progeny from this cross.

PHENOTYPES: We mainly see more stretchy phenos with this cross, but more like OG than hemp.

Height: tall depending on topping and training Yield: medium/heavy

Recommended for: indoor and outdoor. Top early, stress train, and she will explode in flower

High Type: uplifting, clear headed, euphoric, yet relaxing due to the CBD

Taste/Aroma: The flowers range from classic OG to sweet/fruity